There are cheap computers and very expensive computers. The average computer user will not know the difference. Lots of people only surf the Internet, edit and store digital pictures, scan a document or two or do typing of some sort. (like me typing this page) The powerful and expensive computers have their place, but for most personal and business uses, the cheap computer is all that is needed.

Well, maybe you could tell the difference between the cheaper and the more expensive computer, but on a day to day basis, you probably would not see a difference. This changes if you are into games or graphics, both of which often require more computing power. Check out these prices for cheap computers Cheap Computers

What is a cheap computer? It can be a brand new computer purchased at your local mega computer or office store. It can be a used computer purchased out of the classified adds. The best deals are usually found on the Internet. You can save money regardless of where you buy your next computer. You can even find used computers on Ebay.

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It is always nice to buy something brand new. It is also nice to buy something used and let someone else eat the depreciation. Nothing depreciates faster than computers. The day you buy a new computer, it is obsolete, or so it seems. You get home, open the box and set up your new system only to get online and find a newer, faster model with more "stuff" in it.

Why not take advantage of this rapid depreciation and buy a used computer to begin with. No, not an old clunker that barely moves and has a tiny hard drive. Find one that is half as fast as the latest computers in the store and buy it. Most people will not notice that much difference in the speed of a super fast or a half fast computer. You can do everything you do on a new computer on a used computer. Maybe even more because the seller has upgraded the computer and you will not have that added expense. Saving on computers is easy when you buy used.

One important tip when buying a used computer: Be sure you get the original operating system installation disk(s) with a used computer. You may have to reinstall the Windows or Apple operating system and you NEED those disks. If they say they do not have or can not find the operating system, pass on the deal. Ask for any other software disks that go with the computer. Ask if they have another other pieces that go with the computer. They may have forgotten the webcam or might include their old scanner in the deal.

Cheap Computers. Stores are now selling VERY POWERFUL computers for under $500. Is that amazing or what? My first computer, an old C/PM system cost me over $3000. The $500 computer includes everything you need to get up and running. PLUS, the deal often includes a color printer. Sometimes the discount price is NOT what you pay in the store. You may have to send in for a rebate from one or more manufacturers. Often a new computer ad will read, "$100 instant rebate", "$100 mail in rebate" and "$50 rebate on the printer". This means you have to pay $650 when you buy the computer, but you will get $150 back in rebates in the mail. You already got the $100 instant rebate at the register. Watch the ads in your newspaper for some great deals.

One option is to buy a very basic computer. You usually get only the computer, no monitor, keyboard or mouse. Or, sometime just the computer, keyboard and mouse as a "bare bones" package. The computer is designed for you to upgrade with the items you already have in your old computer, or that you buy at discount prices somewhere. It is more or less a build it yourself project.

Another answer to finding cheap computers is to shop on Ebay. Ebay prices are often very low, but you do have to be careful on shipping charges. Be sure you know the exact amount shipping will be before you bid on anything on Ebay. Some people try to make their money in shipping fees. Shipping is expensive if you ship all the way across the country. The best way to shop for large items on Ebay is to look at the area the seller is in. A $30 shipment from California may only be $10 from the state next door.

I am slowly retiring, but I have delt with cheap computers for a long time. My cheap computer site on the Internet is Mac-N-Stuff Computer Sales where I sold used Apple computers. I can guarantee if you shop around, a frugal person can get some excellent deals on used computer equipment. Cheap computers are really a glut on the market.

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