When you are on a budget, cheap entertainment is another way to keep more of your money. Cheap entertainment does not mean low quality entertainment, it means spending less to have a good time.

The problem many people have is that they forgo ALL entertainment when the budget does not stretch far enough. Instead of doing things that bring a lot of fun and joy into their lives, they vegetate in front of the TV thinking that this is all they can afford. WHOA! You can afford a lot more than you think.
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Cheap entertainment can be a simple thing like taking a walk. Many people's sedentary lives are leading to high blood pressure, being over weight, and many more maladies inactivity brings. Walk for just 30 minutes a day and you will improve your health and maybe even lose a few pounds.

OK, you say walking is boring. You do not live in the northern woods with trees and streams and beautiful scenery. So what? Sharon and I --- OH, let me introduce you. Sharon is my wife and best friend. We have been married for 38 years and still like and love each other. Anyway, Sharon and I walk twice a day in an industrial area. Big rig trucks, delivery vans, sidewalks and traffic. What got us walking was a dog. We need to walk him. We have an excuse, but even when we did not have such a pressing reason, we still enjoyed walking together.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the idea that walking is boring. There are many things, even in an industrial area that make walking interesting. If you want this form of cheap entertainment to work for you, you need to make up you mind that you will find the things where you walk that are interesting. We noticed a new bird in bush and looked it up in a bird book when we finished our walk. There are lizards in the bushes by the sidewalk. At the right time of year there are tiny baby lizards. Watching "wildlife" in the city is really cheap entertainment.

We do have to be careful though. Our dog, Poky, is a mighty dragon slayer. He jumps around the ends of bushes in hopes of finding his prey, a ferocious lizard. In two years of walking him he got one. I felt very bad about that and try to reign him in when he lunges for his prey. I really do not want him killing lizards.

HEY!! Do you have children? I have got just the place for you to get information on making the best lizard catcher. It is free to make and really does an excellent job of catching wild lizards. Check it out at
Cheap Entertainment Catching Lizards

OK back to walking. Start to notice what you is around as you walk. You will see things you never notice before if you just pay attention. Insects in the bushes, birds in the trees, flowers in a planter box, even patterns in the sidewalk. It is funny what you notice when you really begin to pay attention. The things you see and experience become a wonderful form of cheap entertainment.

A few years ago I posted regularly in the frugal news group in GOOGLE -- GROUPS. Back then is was known a I posted there about paying attention to the little things. Here in California we have a parasite plant called, "love weed". I was amazed at the beauty in love weed. Read my post about it at
Love Weed

If you pass or meet someone on your walk, smile and say hello. You will probably shock a few people, but a cheerful, "Hello" will add another dimension to your walks.

Make a cheap entertainment notebook and list what you see and experience each day. This is a sure fire way to measure your success in creating a fun experience instead of something you have to do.

Good walking shoes will make your walks more pleasureable. Athletic shoes slowly lose their cushion and break down to the point they start being uncomfortable. It happens so gradually you do not notice them "wearing out". Athletic shoes that still look good could be worn out. Remeber the last pair you bought and how much more comfortable the felt? Pay careful attention to your shoes.

Weigh yourself before you begin you walking and see what you weigh in a month of walking. Your cheap enterainment just might improve you health.