Computer Keyboards and Cleaning Keyboards

Computer keyboards run from very cheap to fairly expensive. Before you buy any keyboard, you need to put yours hands on the keys and type on it. It does not matter if it is connected to a computer or not. What you want to find out is how it feels. Some keyboards have a light touch, others need a heavy touch. Neither is better. It is what feels the best to your. If you order one online, it would be better to pay a little more for it. Usually the extra you pay will mean a better feel to the keyboard. Very cheap keyboards often do not have the "touch" that the more expensive keyboards have. Check out the keyboard here Keyboards

If your budget allows, try an ergonomic keyboard. Though not all ergonomic computer keyboards are expensive. They are usually a little more expensive than standard keyboards. That is one of those funny looking ones that have the keys angled to the left and right from the center of the keyboard. If you have never tried one, they take a little time to get used to, but they are less fatiguing than the standard straight across keyboard. Look at some good prices for ergonomic keyboards at Ergonomic Keyboards

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Look down at your arms as you type on the computer. They go from your sides and angle in to the keyboard. At the wrists, you have to turn another angle for your fingers to fit the keys. The ergonomic keyboard's keys are set so your arms, wrist and hands, right down to the finger tips are all going the same direction or angle. If you spend a lot of time at a computer keyboard, you may find this to be the keyboard for you.

Just as there are wireless mice, there are also wireless computer keyboards. This means you can place you keyboard anywhere it is convenient for you to type without the constraint of a cord or cable holding you back. Again, be sure you have spare batteries ready in case you run low on keyboard power in the middle of a project.

Another very nice thing to have is wrist pads for your keyboard and mouse. This is a pad that your hand rests on as you use your keyboard or mouse. Without them, your wrists hang down and after a period of time you will feel more tired from typing. The soft cushion wrist pad are made for both keyboards and mice. They really reduce the stress on your wrists and make working at your computer more pleasant.

If you live in a very dry area, you often get a ZAP when you touch a light switch, another person or even your computer keyboard. That "ZAP" you give your keyboard is enough to go down into the keyboard circuit and damage the electronics within it. A good idea is to have a "discharge pad" next to your computer. Touch it before you touch anything related to your computer. Touching a "discharge pad" will send that ZAP to a ground instead of inside of expensive electronic equipment. A simple "discharge pad" is any piece of metal tied to a water pipe.

You do not have a handy water pipe? You can tie it to an electrical ground. The safest way to do this if you are not sure about electrical grounds is to loosen a screw on the back of your computer. Wrap a piece of wire once around the screw. Be sure the wire is exposed, do not wrap the plastic insulation around the screw. Tighten the screw down to the computer's metal case. Run the other end of the wire over near your keyboard. Strip off the end of the wire insulation so bare wire is exposed. Any time you sit down to work at your computer, touch the exposed wire to discharge and static charge to ground. Yes, you metal computer case is a ground and is tied to electrical ground if your home has a 3 wire grounded outlet the computer is plugged into. Of course, if you have a soldering iron, you could solder a penny to the keyboard side of your wire to make it more attractive.

For cleaning computer keyboards. Use a paper towel or facial tissue lightly dampened with household rubbing alcohol. Do not make it wet enough to drip down into the keyboard. I also vacuum my keyboard. I run the vacuum over the keys and it pulls up dust and lint that settles between the keys. There are also commercially available wipes for cleaning keyboards. See cleaners here.
Keyboard Cleaners They also have a 100 pack of wipes there.

An interesting cleaning point. Often women's keyboards get dirtier than men's keyboards. Why would that be? Make-up. If a lady touches her face to rub an itch or brush hair away from her eyes, a little make-up rubs off on the fingers. This is transferred to the keyboard. Keep you keyboard clean with alcohol wipes. You can also buy them commercially in pre-moistened packets.