Home heating ideas and tips that will save you money, keep you home warmer and cut power and fuel consumption in your heating system.


Tips, Hints And Ideas On Home Heating, and Heating Your Home Economically

Cold weather is setting in and your home heating bill is going higher and heating system is working overtime. You are wondering how to heat your home and save money on your fuel or electric bill. Our frugal tips will help you now.

There are the obvious home heating tips we hear all the time.

You probably have heard most of these before. Be sure you are using these tips and you will lower your heating bill and save quite a bit of money during the winter months. Lower bills mean more money in your pocket. Saving money is almost the same a making money.

Here are some home heating tips you may not know about.

Use fans in your house. ???? Are we crazy? It is winter! Actually we use fans regularly in the winter to HEAT another room. We have a wall heater on one room. It does not do a good job of heating more than the room it is in. We do one of two things. We aim a fan toward a door and aim it up high toward the ceiling. It needs to be propped at a 45 degree angle or more. Since heat rises, the fan blows toward the heat up at the ceiling and blows it through the doorway to the next room.

If you use your heater only, it will take a long time to heat a second room and there will be a lot of wasted heat up by the ceiling. Our way distributes more heat more quickly thus warming you better and conserving "fuel" whether it is heating oil, piped in natural gas or electric heat.

The second way we do it is to mount a small fan in the doorway up near the ceiling. It blows the heat to the next room just like the first method.

You could use this "fan technique" with a portable heater. Be sure you do not put the fan too close to the heater and cause a fire. Remember there is a lot of warm air up near the ceiling, you need to move it down where you can use it. Home heating efficiently depends on a little help from you.

Even if you do not live in snow country, "storm windows" can be a great help in keeping your home warmer. A storm window is a second glass window that us usually put up on the outside of your regular window. It creates an insulating pocket of air that keeps heat in and cold out.

You say that you do not have storm windows. OK, lets solve that quickly. Buy a roll of clear 4 mil thick plastic sheeting at your local hardware store. The last roll I bought was under $10 and I have bought it on sale for under $5. Cut pieces that are bigger than the INSIDE of your window. Bigger than the window and frame. You will tape this piece of plastic over the window at the frame. You do not want the plastic to touch the window. You want to create a 3 to 6 inch space between the window glass and your "storm window" material. Just like the real storm windows, this will keep heat in and keep cold out.

If you prefer to purchase pre-made re-useable storm window, check out these inexpensive inserts like the one in the picture, just click on the this link
Storm Window

Often you have rooms you do not use, but can not close off because they do not have doors. There is an easy solution to this, especially if you are only renting and can not modify the house. It is to put up a "curtain" in the opening from one room to the other. We used heavy material we had already. You could use a doubled over sheet or any material you have. We used a rod in the doorway. One of those spring loaded rods used in showers, or for hanging curtains. You could tape up the material if you had to.
This curtain will dramatically increase the heat in the room you just cut off from the cold and once again cuts your home heating bill.

A heating pad does not use a lot of power. Put one in your lap while watching TV or working at your computer.

If you have the money you can purchase a programmable thermostat. They let you program a weeks worth of heating patterns. Monday through Friday while you are at work, the temperature is set low while you are away from home. It is programmed to heat higher just when you are expected home. You program for heat all day on the weekends.

Draft Stopper
Our door gets a lot of draft coming under it. We roll up a towel and place it across the opening to stop cold air coming in under doors. This works for drafty windows too, but hopefully you have installed the "storm windows" we talked about. Of course you already installed our "storm windows" You can also buy these pre-made at:
Twin Draft Stopper icon

Be sure your heating system is clean. Radiators, base ray heating and free standing portable heaters work more efficiently when they are clean.

Have your fuel company check the efficiency of your oil or gas burning heating system. Mis-adjusted systems will waste fuel. Not only that, but improperly adjusted systems could produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Carbon monoxide can cause brain damage or death.

Do you have a roof mounted evaporative cooler or wind turbines. Make a cover for any summer cooling system that allows heat to escape in the winder. Cover your window air conditioner. Cover those turbines. Any where heat can escape needs to be covered. Home heating, not home cooling is what we want now.

Remember saving on home heating starts and ends with you.

We use two oil filled heaters for our additional home heating. One in our bedroom and one in our bathroom. We leave the bathroom heater on low 24 hours a day. It keeps the bathroom lightly warm. At bath time, we turn the heat on full for the first bath and down low for the second person.

The bedroom heater is only turned on about an hour or so before we go to bed. It is left on all night, but turned down. It is turned off in the morning. We turn on the electric blanket at the same time we turn on the heater.
I like the oil filled heaters because they do not have any exposed heating element. Since our portable heaters are almost always unattended, this gives me a feeling of security. I feel safer from fire danger. If you would like to see what I am talking about and where to get one, check them out by clicking on the picture.

Speaking of the bedroom, a fun way to keep warm is to snuggle under a warm down comforter. This is one of the best ways to keep you home heating costs down. I mean the down comforter. When you put a down comforter on your bed you add so much warmth you will be turning off your electric blanket. Your comforter can add to your home decor too. Check out this website on bedroom decorating Bedroom Decorating

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