Packing to move is easier with our packing tips and ideas. Hints on packing to move will help you save money.

Packing To Move Tips And Ideas

Back in the good old days when packing to movewe used to wrap dishes and fragile items in newspapers when we packed to move. Save newspapers for a week or two and ask the neighbors for theirs. This works quite well and protects items from banging into each other and chipping when you pack for your move to a new home.

There are a couple problems with using newspapers to pack with. The ink gets all over your hands and the things you wrap are likely as not a little black with printer's ink. I always felt the need to wash dishes that had been packed in newspaper.

Here is a different idea for packing all of your breakable dishes and treasures. Buy rolls of paper towels and wrap each piece in paper towels. You will probably go through a few rolls of paper towels. They do an excellent job of protecting and if the item is very fragile, you just add more layers of paper towels. If you end up with extra rolls of paper towels, just keep them for your new home. They are a packing material you can easily use up.

When you get to the new place and need to clean shelves, drawers, window sills and such, you can start unpacking and use the paper towels for your clean up at the new place. As you unpack you can stuff the packing paper towels into a large trash bag. When you are done, you can either toss the trash bag or keep it and use up the still clean paper towels you used for packing.

You can also use clean clothing for packing fragile items. I have packed dishes, bedroom lamps and knick knacks in between clothes, wrapped in shirts and packed into socks.

One suggestion I have for packing is to keep your boxes small. I prefer not to pack in boxes bigger than 18x18x12 inches unless it is very light weight items. I try to pack everything in 12x12x12 or 14x14x14 inch boxes. This keep the weight down. Your or your help do not need a sore back from hauling heavy boxes of dishes or books.

Because I am in a business where I have to buy a lot of boxes for shipping merchandise, I seldom use used boxes for packing. Used boxes are fine, just look inside to be sure they are clean before packing in them.

When you pack a box, be sure to label what is in it. May the label as detailed as you think it needs to be to find what is inside when you get to your new place. BEDROOM may be good for some boxes, but for others MASTER BEDROOM SHEETS would be important for locating bedding when you got your bed set up. You can write on the box, but I prefer to use self adhesive labels on the boxes so I can resuse them and have them neat looking for the next use.

If you have a choice, use a hand truck with inflatable rubber wheels. The hand trucks with hard rubber wheels are harder to get over bumps, and other obstructions. Often you can get one for under $30 at a local tool or hardware store. For years, I have been in a business where I have used hand trucks for moving equipment and boxes. Hard rubber wheels are fine in a concrete floor warehouse that is smooth and level everywhere. The are hard to use over grass, across uneven dirt, across doorway raised thresholds or anywhere that is not level.

Guess what kind of hand truck is usually rented by the moving truck rental places? You got it. The hard rubber wheel type.