How can you can save money on utilities? Utility savings are best achieved with a plan. Look at your usage and devise a plan for saving money on utilities. A plan? Yes, It is easier to save money or do anything if you map out the actions you need to take to get where you want to be.

Our biggest utility savings tips is down below --- keep reading. Impatient? Click here

The Frugal Money Saver's intention is to show you simple ways to reduce your utility bills. Implement some of these frugal tip and get control of your bills. Plus, if you are really on the hurting edge financially, we will give some tips that are a little more extreme, save only pennies, but add up over a few weeks or months.

Hear are some of the areas we will try to help you cut your utilities bills
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Cell phones and land line phones
  • Water conservation
  • Lowering your gas or fuel bill
  • Electricity Savings
  • Cable TV
  • Solar Energy

You may find that you already know quite a few utility savings tips. Maybe you just have not starting using them yet. Here are some common ideas:
Turn off the lights if you are not in a room
Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
Put water in the sink to rinse your razor instead of using running water to clean off the lather.
Make shorter phone calls to friends and relative if it is a toll call or using cell phone minutes.
Turn down the heater thermostat and wear a sweater to stay warmer.
Turn up the cooling thermostat to make the room comfortable but not cold.

You have probably heard all of these things many times. These utility savings ideas are on TV, in pamphlets that come with your futility bills and told to you by your mother for year. (YIKES!! FUTILITY BILLS ???? that is an interesting typo)

To start your plan take a notebook and put the following titles on the tops of pages: HEATING, COOLING, WATER, GAS ELECTRIC, PHONE, and any other recurring utility bill you have. One each titled page write down all of the tips, hints and ideas you can think of that help save money on that utility. Your utility savings begins with a plan. Writing things down is the only way to have a plan.

Now that you have your list of ideas on saving, write down the things you know you do that are wasteful such as running water too long. Not fixing dripping faucets. Now you some written information you can see. Information you can touch and feel. When ideas are written down it is easier to make plans. When you have plans it is easier to follow through and accomplish a goal. In this case the goal is utility savings.

Think about how to save money by cutting your use of each utility you have. Saving money on utilities can be easier if you have a plan.

You can start your utilities saving plan by research. Go to your favorite search engine and do a search on saving money on utilities. OH, do that AFTER you read my site. Then you just need to make a decision to save money and do it. Start with the obvious money savers and go from there. It takes a plan and a decision to follow through on

Here is a real big utility savings. Call every company you get service from and ask them if they have a lower rate for you. REALLY!! A lower bill could be just a phone call away. Call you electric company and ask if they can reduce you bill in any way. Do they have a plan for single parents on a low income. Do they have a plan for the elderly. Do they have an plans for those with disabilities.

Guess what? If you can barely pay your bill and are regularly getting pink notices of imminent turn off of a utility, the company will usually not tell you there may be a lower rate. They just shut your power off. You have to call them to learn about lower rates.

We just got a fixed monthly rate of $40 on our phone bill. We can call any where in the USA at any time and talk as long as we want for that fixed rate of $40 a month. Our old bill was consistently $40 plus or minus about $5. Now we do not have to worry about long calls to friends and relatives that are out of town. Maybe we will call those we love more often.

This "call them" technique goes for any bill you have, even your daily newspaper. Call the paper and ask if they have a lower subscription rate for you. It is amazing that even newspapers can give you a lower rate.

Are you having trouble paying credit card or store bills? Call them and ask if they have a lower interest rate. They may give you a lower interest rate for a certain number of months to help you out.

Just about everyone has heard the bible saying "Ask and ye shall receive". Well, this is one of those times when if you ask you shall receive utility savings you never dreamed were available.