Where To Live

No, I can not really tell you where to live. You have to make that decision. I do not know anything about you. I do not know your likes and dislikes. So what can I tell you about, "where to live"? I can give you hints on how I found the place I wanted to live and you can see if that will work for you. This site is not about specific places to live. It is about where you would like to live. I want to get you thinking where you would like to live before you leave this page BECAUSE you owe it to yourself.

This site is about where to live that will give you the most happiness you can get for the next "many" years of your life. Most people do not think seriously about where to live. They live in a town, get a job in that town or one nearby. They marry a local girl, eventually buy a house, have children and retire there.

HAPPINESS!! I am going to talk about my life and I am going to talk about HAPPINESS. I will give you my thoughts on where to live. However, most of all this will be about happiness more than where to live. If you try to please your self in this decision of where to live, you will find life does become happier.

Where to live. Your "Home Sweet Home". It should be somewhere you would really like to be. Are you living in the heat of the dessert, the humidity of the south, the cold of the north, or the smog of the city? Do you commute too far to work? Are your children going to grow up in a safe neighborhood and attend good schools? Picking where to live means thinking of about all of these things and more

I say, "pick where to live based on where you would like to live"! Have you always dreamed of four distinct seasons with fall colors, white Christmases, April showers that bring May flowers and summer on the beach. Why not do it? Why not investigate the places that meet your desire and MOVE THERE!! Do you like the mountains and fresh air? How about the dry heat of the desert or maybe the California coast and living near the beach. JUST DO IT!

My story is a long one so I will not bore you will all the details, at least not yet. I was forced into choosing a WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE. I had no choice but to make a decision to move to my dream location. Maybe you are not so "lucky". Maybe you will have to make this decision on your own. Where to live for me was an easy decision.

In 1999 I was living up a remote California canyon. I was renting a tiny house and storage building. I had a 4000 square foot storage building and an 800 square foot house. I was happy. The rent was only $875 a month for both. The landlord raised the rent to $1600 and took away 2000 feet of storage. I had to rent three 40 foot cargo storage container to put the stuff in. I had higher rent from the landlord and also added rent for the containers. Where to live? Where to live?

My wife and I sat down and talked about it. Did we want to stay with a landlord we did not like and who just raised our rent almost double or should we move. MOVE! OK, lets get the paper and see what we can find. WAIT!! If we could move anywhere we wanted, where would we really like to live?

We have visited the coast a few months before and living at the beach was brought up as what we thought would be the ideal place to move to. Guess what. We moved. We lived exactly one mile from the beach. It was cool. There were no more biting flies. Instead of 12 miles to the grocery store, we could walk to the nearest store, less than a block away. Our, "where to live" question was answered.

OK, where would you like to live? The beach like we are. How about the mountains? It does not matter. Pick your place and start planning on how you could move there. Look into the cost of housing or the of rental housing. Investigate year round weather. Get a scrap book and put articles, pictures, notes in it to keep you motivated and interested. This is something you can do!

If you are single and unattached, WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!! Move where you would like to live now so when you fall in love and settle down you will already have the dream location picked out. You will be living there.

Are you married and have children. You can still do this. It may take more planning, more money in reserve, but YOU CAN DO IT!

Why do we live where we do not want to and settle for places we do not like? 1000 reasons. Jobs, security, family, friends, fear of the unknown. Make a pact with me today that at least you will look into this and tell me how it comes out, whether you move or not. Maybe you will just find a lifetime vacation spot instead of a new home.

My wife and I keep telling each other how happy we are to live on the coast. We love it here. We love the ocean and all it means to us. We have lived as close to the beach as five houses from the sand. Less than a block. Financial circumstances have us 5 miles from the same beach right now, but things have picked up and we have new plans for where we want to live.

So, you are thinking about what I am saying? It makes sense to you, but you can not just up and move. What about a job? What about having the money to do it?. How much income will you need before and after you make the move? I am ready to retire on ONLY social security. Due to down sizing and the events following that, I only have Social Security. It is not going to be enough to live on for two for the rest of my life. So I am taking the bull by the horns and doing something about it.

Where do I want to live? EVERY WHERE! You say, "that does not make sense". Yes, it does. My wife and I want to move around the country in a motorhome. Live one place a day, another a week and another 3 months. Staying on one place only as long as we desire to.

Motorhoming around the country takes money. A bit more than Social Security provides. I have the answer and it is the internet. Yes, right where you are RIGHT NOW. Can I make a living on the internet. For a couple years I have been convinced I could. In fact since October of 1998 I have had not had any other income than the internet. I done well enough to live right at the beach. I have had tight times that moved me off the beach. BUT still I am happier than I ever was working for a boss. Also, I do not eat TUMS like candy anymore.

There are many ways to generate income that do not require a lot more education or training. The internet offers solutions and you can find them with the research tools available to you through search engines. However let me give you some interesting ideas you can implement today and start on your way to more financial freedom than you might otherwise have.

My first method of generating income on the internet was my own site, selling surplus or used computer equipment and electronic test equipment. It did not do all that well. Next I discovered Ebay. WOW!! Ebay took us from dead broke to living up a canyon with our rent doubled to living at the beach. You too can sell on Ebay. It is an easy way to make money. This is not about how to sell on Ebay, so let me give you some recourses to look into for selling on Ebay.

Because I had a couple websites, I decided to put advertising on them and see if I could make some money from other people’s ads on my site. When we hit over $300 in a month from one website, I started getting excited. I did one simple change to my websites. I added Google Adsense ads. It is a free program and is easy to do. I was amazed at how my income started growing.

I introduced a friend to Google Adsense ads and he is doing better on his website than I am. "WHOA"!! you say. You do not even have a web site and even if you wanted one, you do not know how to build one. OR, maybe you know HTML coding needed to build a website, but just have not seen a good reason to build one. Well, if you would like to move to the place of your dreams and are not sure about employment when you get there, look into internet income to help you make a better living.

Below is a link to a FREE online or e-book you can download and learn more about creating a website that will generate income for you too. Once you get one website generating income could you possibly create another? I did. I have three now and am getting ready to create two more. Am I smart? Am I an expert? Not really. I have information I have learned during my life I would like to share. Like this website and what you are reading right now. I have also downloaded the free e-book I am recommending and found its information better than any I used in the past.

Download this free e-book, learn what I am talking about and see if you too might live where you want to instead of where you have to. You will need Adobe acrobat reader to read the e-book. If you do not already have it you can get Acrobat reader for FREE at ADOBE

Here is the link to your copy of the free e-book. Maybe it will help you choose where to live

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