Do you always say, "I never win anything"? Winning radio contests may be your answer to a change in your "luck". LUCK! Did I say, "luck". It is not about being lucky. It is not about being in the right place at the right time. It is not even about being frugal, but it is frugal entertainment. It takes a simple technique that I will share with you. I know the secret for winning these contests and you will get it for free before you finish reading.

Have I won any good prizes? Is $1000 a good prize. I won that amount twice, and my wife has won it once. Do we go to concerts? Yes, we go to quite a few. In fact I have NEVER paid to get into a concert. I have been winning radio contests to get my concert tickets. Have you been to the MTV Music Awards and been front row? My wife and I have compliments of winning a radio contest. We were in the nose bleed section, way up high, for the American Music Awards, but it was still an exciting evening. Winning radio contests does not always get you the best seats, but it does get you into some great events.

Our list goes on and on. Did I mention the trip to Hawaii? Oh, we won that too along with $1000 spending cash to be sure we enjoyed the week in paradise. Winning radio contests can mean dream vacations to fabulous places.

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Do you have to have some special calling devices for winning radio contests? Do you have to bribe the DJ's into picking you? NO, there is nothing like that at all. What you need is a telephone, preferably with a re-dial function.

Are you intrigued so far? Well let me tell you my biggest win. Are you ready for this? My biggest win was a check for $10,000. Yes, that is ten thousand dollars. If you want to see someone who is excited, check out someone winning $10,000 cash.

My wife and I are country music fans. We have seen 37 different performers and some of them more than once FREE because of tickets we got from calling in on the radio and winning radio contests.

We have also been to a rap concert, seen Guy and Dan Fogleberg. Disneyland, 6 Flags Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Sea World are the major attractions we have won ticket to.

Call me lucky? I hope not. I am seldom lucky at anything. I do not win in Las Vegas. I have not won on the lottery. Put my name in a hat and it will not be pulled.........well usually not. Winning radio contests is not about luck. You can never have won anything in your life and if you do what I tell you, you will win on radio contests. No tricks, no gimmicks, just straight forward honest effort.

How do I do it? Here are the details. First, obviously, you have to listen to the radio so you hear when they announce a contest to call in for. Second, you have to have access to a telephone when they announce the contest and ask you to call in. Some employers will not let you listen to the radio and most are not going to let you use their phones to call radio stations. HOWEVER, some place will let you.

You have probably heard you radio station announce a contest for a prize of some sort. Money, dinner at a local restaurant, a car. You just never call in. You figure, "It is not real people who win". You think the odds are against you ever winning. You tried calling in once or twice a couple years ago and did not win anything. Why bother? Let me tell you "Why Bother?". You can win.

Here is exactly how step by step

1. Pay attention to what contests are on various radio station you listen to.

2. If they announce a special song to listen for or a specific time they will ask for callers, write it down

3. When it is a time, set your watch or cell phone alarm to go off 10 or 15 minutes before the contest is scheduled. Sometime if it is a song they will tell you in what hour of the day it will play.

4. When you hear the request to call in , CALL and CALL and CALL and CALL. Keep calling back as fast as you can every time you hear a busy signal. Winning radio contests requires you to keep calling. Do not give up. Some stations want caller 10 and some want caller 100. My rule is to call until I hear them announce the winner. I do not always follow that rule. You learn how different stations and different DJ's work. Some are fast. As fast as they can they get to caller 10. Others wait a little to start picking up for caller 1 and take a little more time to get to caller 10.

5. CALL and CALL and CALL and CALL. Keep calling back as fast as you can every time you hear a busy signal. Did you just read that? I have just give you the BIGGEST "secret" for winning radio contests. It is simple persistence. You need to treat this like a hobby. A fun hobby that pays you in gifts, prizes, cash and wonderful things.

6. PERSISTENCE!! That not only applies to when you are calling, but also applies to how often you call. You need to call every time you can. If you are listening to the radio and are near a phone you need to be PLANNING on calling in every time you hear a contest announced.

You are going to be calling sometime and hear the phone ring and be so busy re-dialing and re-dialing that you will re-dial on a ring instead of a busy signal. I did that just the other day and I KNOW I had to be at just about the right caller based on my timing. DRATS!!

Is there more than persistence in winning radio contests. Yes, but this is persistence too. You need to know you radio stations rules and when they announce contests. Some stations will announce the "song of the day" every morning at 7:15. If you listen at 7:15 you will know the hour they will play the song. Throughout the day they announce the name of the song to listen for and when you hear it call in to win. HOWEVER they only announce the hour it plays once. If you do not get it, you have to pay attention all day to get a chance to call in. If you listened, you only have to listen to that station for that one hour.

Can you listen to more than one radio station and win on more than one. OF COURSE you can. I used to listen to 3 stations that would announce their give away hour at 7:10 in the morning. I would listen to one station, have someone else listening to another and have a third radio on with a portable tape recorder recording what they said at 7:10. Three stations and three chances of winning.

Of course you have to follow the rules for winning radio contests. Some say you can only win once a month, some once every 60 days. Some say you can win as many times as you want. Some say you can only win the $1000 once a year.

As you listen to the phone dialing and getting busy signals, sometimes in large calling areas you will also get a message that, "all lines are busy, please try your call later". Later is immediately. Also you will learn to tell the tiny tone that precedes this message and you can hang up and re-dial before you even hear the message. Pay attention if you often get this message. Do not let if bother you and give up because so many are calling in. I was in the Los Angeles area when I won the $10,000 and you can imagine how many must have been calling in for that prize.

It should be obvious to you that a phone with re-dial makes it a lot faster to dial, dial, dial. Dial, dial, dial and start winning radio contests. The faster you re-dial the more chances you have of winning. Cell phones are a little slow on re-dial, but you can still win even on you cell phone. I hear people winning using cell phones all the time.

Here are a few more tips.
If you have two phones, learn to dial in on both phones at the same time. You double your odds of winning. I often call in on our land line and my wife is dialing on her cell phone. I used to have two land lines and have one phone in each ear dialing radio contests.
Be sure you have the radio station programmed into you preset phone numbers so you can just push a button and it is immediately dialing the station. After that hit re-dial until you win. I use to have at least six different radio stations phone numbers preprogrammed for ready use. These days I am in a slow area for contests so do not get as excited as I used to. PLUS, the prizes here are usually pretty small, but we still keep winning the little prizes.

OK, I do have ONE MORE secret to tell you about winning radio contests. It is the phone I use. No, it is not a magic bullet phone that slam dials faster than any phone on the market. It is a common phone with a feature that allows you to manually re-dial a number very quickly. You may even have this phone and not know about this little "trick". The phone I use is a Panasonic with FLASH and RE-DIAL buttons. The way faster dialing works on this phone is you initially dial the number and if you get a busy signal you hit FLASH and as soon as you hear the dial tone, you hit RE-DIAL Keep pressing FLASH -- RE-DIAL for as long as you get a busy signal. It helps make winning radio contests easier, but any redial phone will work, just not quite as fast.

That is it. I wish you the best of luck winning radio contests. I hope you get some big ones and lots of little ones to keep your interest peaked. Winning radio contests is really easy now that you have all of my secrets.

Do you have a story to tell about winning radio contests? If so I would love to hear about it. If you write, we may publish it here on our website for the world to see, so writing means you give us your permission to use your story. It is easy, just fill in the form below. (Coming very soon -- one page at a time)